Don't Think. Just Kiss Him.

                 Torie Lynn Howard,  Writer of Romantic Fiction









    In 2007, my daugther Emily and I were         discussing our frustrations regarding the
unplausible plotlines and unfulfilling endings of some the novels we were reading at the time. Hoping to re-energize my college-aged daugther's scholastic yearnings I said,

       "Why don't you write your own?"

       She retorted,"I will, if you will."

                ...and that's why this website exists.

   My daughter may have thrown down the gauntlet but it was my first characters who lured me into developing an all-consuming passion for romantic fiction writing. In point of fact, my husband says I'm having an affair with my laptop.  : )

  Just the act of giving my characters names, brought them to life, expressing their fears as well as their hopes for their future. They seduced me into building new worlds for them in which they could live and breathe and love.

   You might be amused by a detailed anecdote of this event HERE, a chronicle of my first foray into the world of romantic fiction writing.


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