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The Recipe for Romantic Fiction

Posted on June 25, 2011 at 10:01 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's a recipe for "Happy Ever After":

Carefully choose one hero and one heroine based on their goals & motivation. Add lots of conflicts, flirtations, and plot twists.  Whip your ingredients together with care--you don't want to mix it up too quickly or over do it.  Take your time to mold and perfect it. Be sure to consider well the tastes of others. Share your results with a few worthy reviewers but take suggestions with grains of salt. Savor them, add and delete ingredients until you've reach the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Sevrve warm or hot but never cold. This recipes may serve just a few faithful friends but with due diligence, may satisfy thousands.

Sounds easy, huh? A recipe for sure success?


Wrong for all but a notable few. Most authors, even previously published authors, pour their hearts, and souls into manuscripts which, odds are, will never be seen by more than a dozen pairs of eyes. Many agents and publishers profess to receiving 100's of submissions each day.


It's daunting.


It's frustrating.


It's the reality most writers face. 

So why do I write?

I have to. It's a compulison, perhaps even a neurosis.


I want to learn the craft. I like learning about new places, experiencing other worlds.


But what do I really want?

To introduce the world to the new people and new places I give give breath and life to through the written word.

And that's why I blog. I want to share my journey, my trials and discoveries with others who dream of "Happy Ever Afters" More to come...more to peruse, use, or toss.