Don't Think. Just Kiss Him.

A Historical Romance

      "Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady"

Book Two of the MacKenzie Cousin's Trilogy


Emily's life with been every girl's worst nightmare as she struggled on her own. But a lopsided smile and a kiss that held only tenderness resurrected her hope to live life in decency, with love and a real family. But her dream became a nightmare when John, the man only she ever wanted to touch her, was pressganged by privateers. When John didn't return for her, she drew courage from the memory of how he made her feel and abandoned her old life.

But her knight in shining armor hadn't abandoned her nor was he lost at sea.

Always gregarious and cocksure, big John MacKenzie laughed hard, played hard,drank hard, and had hardened his heart. He had vowed to never feel the burn of betrayal again. Men only wanted him for his money or his braun. Woman wanted his money as well, but mostly, his cock. But a sad lassie's pair of bonnie brown eyes under a mop of wee curls put a small but insidious crack in the armor around his heart.

John spent his long months at sea both struggling to survive his knife wound and with his conflicting feelings for Emily. What would his folks think if he showed up married to a whore?

Unsure if his feelings were real or just part of his fever dreams, John abandoned his best friend and cousin and returned to Emily. If he held her close again, he would know if she truly was in his heart. And if she was, would he risk giving his heart to woman who was definitely not a lady but desparately wanted to be.