Don't Think. Just Kiss Him.

 A Contemporary Romance-     "Hook, Line, and Sink Her"                


Sailing solo on a Shakespearian-themed cruise, Julie wants to throw her box of condoms overboard--just like she did her wedding ring. When a hunky ex-cop, turned thief stops her,  they rock each other's boats, causing Julie a series of mild mishaps.

But she proves "fraility, your name is NOT woman" and Rick discovers how "holy, fair and wise is she". It is Julie's kindness, not her beauteous look that win his love. So, he "screws his courage to the sticking place" and reveals his most intimate secret to a woman who could make or break him.

Just as it seems these star-crossed lovers will overcome all mischance, shadows lurking just under the surface threaten not only their love, but their very lives.