Don't Think. Just Kiss Him.

A Historical Romance

    "Life's Uncertain Voyage"

Book One of the MacKenzie Cousins's Trilogy


Scottish cousins Fitzwilliam Kimbell and Big John Mackenzie hope to re-establish the close kinship of their childhoods on a tour of Britain.  Overshadowed by John’s gregarious nature and commanding presence all of his life, William is John’s opposite—reserved, guilt-riddled, and contemplative to a fault. His meticuloiusly contrived plans for their sojourn didn't include John's falling victim to a pressgang, his own unnatural, physical reaction to a young monk, nor falling in love with a woman who is a bride of the Holy Church.

Or so he thinks.

The ward of a physician-turned priest, frail and stubbornly independent Helena Roussell is smothering under the weight of her monotonous duties at the abbey. Longing to see the world before its scarred by the modernizations of men, she steals a monk's robe then steals away to the coast. Confronted by ruthless privateers seeking a healer for their injured prisoners, Helena offers her freedom, her life, for the sake of a man who will never know her woman's heart beats for him.

Or so she thinks.